Hydropaneler drar vatten ur luften för Navajo-familjer

16 september, 2020 0 av Bra Nyheter
Bild lånad från https://www.zeromasswater.com/

Hydropaneler som med hjälp av solkraft kan dra ut vatten ur atmosfären låter ju toppen i torra och heta miljöer. Fantastisk uppfinning.

What if there was a way of pulling vapor from the atmosphere and bringing it through faucets as clean, drinkable water? Harnessing the power of the sun, Zero Mass Water’s Source hydropanels do just that.


“A standard, two-panel array, produces 4-10 liters of water each day, and has 60 liters of storage capacity,” said Cody Frisen, CEO of Zero Mass Water. In addition, each panel ”lasts for 15 years and utilizes solar power and a small battery to enable water production.”