Tjuvjakt på noshörningar i Sydafrika minskar för femte året i rad

9 juni, 2020 0 av Bra Nyheter

Glädjande siffror från Sydafrika angående tjuvjakten på noshörningar.

According to an official press release from the South African government, the decline in poaching in 2019 is due to a combination of measures, including deployment of technologies that allow for better reaction times to poaching incidents, improved information collection and sharing between law enforcement agencies, greater cooperation between entities at the regional and national level, and more meaningful engagement of the private sector, NGOs, and donors.

Låt oss hoppas att de är fortsatt framgångsrika i sitt arbete i att stävja tjuvjakten och bevara noshörningen.

Rhino poaching in South Africa declines for fifth straight year

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